Wednesday, March 13, 2013

PEPSI Hataw Araw-Araw Car-a-day Giveaway

Malapit na! 

Abangan sa March 15, 2013


Win P1,000 SM Giftcard as Thank you for visiting my blog site
Promo Period: March 16 to 30, 2013, 12mn
Prize: P1,000 SM GIFTCARD
How to Join: Follow instructions to this link, GIVEAWAY AS THANK YOU!


  1. may mga code n invalid ang lumalabas s reply text!bkit ganun?

  2. hindi pa ako nakakakita ng 1 na naka printa sa tansan. number 1 can be confused with small letter L. Baka naman pag may code na manalo na may number 1 sasabihin ng pepsi na hindi number 1 kundi small letter L. O kaya'y hindi small letter L kundi number 1 para wala talagang manalo.

  3. 48 hours na hindi pa nag dating ang load ko...

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