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Shop and Win for your School Plus Win for Yourself


Metro shoppers participation

1.    Every qualified purchase in cash or credit, whether single or accumulated at any Metro Supermarket, Department Store, Metro Pharmacy, Metro Gourmet, Suisse Cottage, Metro Food Avenue and Metro Wholesale Mart, entitles a customer to one (1) raffle coupon with equivalent points for school of choice:
a.    Department Store, Pharmacy or Food group purchase (Metro Gourmet, Suisse Cottage and Food Avenue) – Every P500 = One coupon =  One (1) school point
b.    Wholesale Purchase - Every P5,000  = One coupon =  One (1) school point
c.    Supermarket – Every P500 inclusive of any of the participating products = One (1) coupon = One (1) school point 
Supermarket participating products:
a.    Milo, Promil Pre-School, Purefoods & Breeze (all sizes and variants
b.    Lucky Me, Jack ‘n Jill, Coke, Alaska Nutribuild, Gainschool, UFC, Safeguard, Creamsilk, Virginia, Voice, Kiwi, & Downy (all sizes & variants)
c.    Goody Gulp, Colgate, Babyflo, Tiger, Modess, Huggies, Happy, Nature Spriing, Sunpride, EQ, & Zonrox (all sizes & variants)

Receipts with the following supermarket participating products: Milo, Promil Pre-School, Purefoods & Breeze (all sizes & variants)

Get two (2) raffle coupons equivalent to two (2) school points
Receipts using BPI credit cards
Get three (3) raffle coupons equivalent to three (3) school points
          Raffle coupon must be properly filled with the shopper’s complete name, address, contact details (telephone number, mobile number), signature and the school of choice to be the school partner. Incomplete entries will be disqualified.

2.  Metro will provide drop boxes for each participating school inside the stores and malls where raffle entries will be dropped at designated school boxes.

3.    Metro stores are categorized into two, as follows:
Category A 
1.    Metro Colon and Wholesale Mart
2.    Metro Mandaue
3.    Metro Ayala Center, Cebu
4.    Metro Legazpi
5.    Metro Lucena
6.    Metro Market!Market!
7.    Metro Pampanga
8.    Metro Alabang
Category B
1.    Metro Toledo
2.    Metro Maasin
3.    Metro Naga, Cebu
4.    Metro Binondo
5.    Plaza 66
4.    The Promo has two parts:
The First Part is from May 15 to June 14, 2013; while the Second Part will run from June 15 to July 15, 2013.

5.    The following will be done for the First Part:
a.    School has to accumulate points to redeem Individual Prizes.

b.    First counting of the school points will be done per location on June 15, 2013 at the Activity Center.

c.    After the first counting, all participating schools should redeem their points to equivalent  individual prizes.

d.    A school representative should be present to witness the counting, where a special stage
activity will be held per store. A redemption form will be filled up by the school representative indicating the chosen individual prize equivalent to the participating school points for Metro to process the claiming of the prize/s.

e.    For multiple redemption of a single prize, a maximum of up to five (5) sets/units can be redeemed.

f.     Any excess, unredeemed points will be forfeited and will not be carried over to the next counting. 

g.    Individual prizes are only valid for redemption on the First Part. 

6.    Prizes for Redemption: INDIVIDUAL PRIZES 
Individual Prizes
Equivalent  Points
A.    School Maintenance

1.     Orocan Jumbo Water Jug
250 points
2.     Coffeemaker
(Hanabishi brand)
300 points
3.     Home Gallery 5gal Water Jug
500 points
4.     Monobloc Chairs (set of six)
700 points
5.     Wall Fan
(16 inch, Asahi or Camel brand)
800 points

6.     Stand Fan
(16 inch, Asahi, Camel or Hanabishi brand)
1,500 points

7.      Rubbermaid Set
3,000 points
8.      Water Dispenser (Camel or 3D Brand)
4,500 points
9.      Aircon (.5HP)
10,000 points
A.   School Supplies & Equipment

10.  Intercom Set
(Panasonic brand)
300 points
11.  Scotch Tape Dispenser
(set of three)
400 points
12.   Scientific calculator
(Casio brand)
450 points
13.  Folder Organizer (set of six)
500 points
14.  Computer Table
600 points
15.  Stapler no. 35 (set of six)
700 points
16.  Whiteboard Set
(inclusive of one whiteboard size: 5ft x 4ft, one whiteboard eraser and three whiteboard pens)
1,000 points
17.  School and Office Supplies
(worth P3,000 of school choice)
1,200 points
18.  Scanner
(Canon or HP brand)
2,000 points
19.   Digital Camera
(Canon brand)
4,000 points
B.          Sports &  Recreation

20.   Mikasa Volleyball
220 points
21.   Mikasa Soccer ball
220 points

22.   Spalding Basketball
220 points
23.   Pensonic CD Cassette Player
1,000 points

7.   Counting of school points will be held per store on the following schedule:

                     Cut off Date for Dropping of Entries  Counting  Date               Venue
      First Counting and Draw                June 14, 2013              June 15, 2013   Activity Center/Designated Area
      Final Counting and Draw                July 14, 2013             June 15, 2013    Activity Center/Designated Area
8.    The following will be done for the Second Part;

a.    Starting June 15, 2013, participating school’s points will start from Zero (0).
b.    Participating school has to start accumulating points from June 15 to July 15, 2013 for the final counting.
c.    Each school has to reach the minimum required points as follows;

Store Category                                      Required Minimum Points
Category A Stores                                      Sixty thousand (60,000) points
Category B stores                                      Forty thousand (40,000) points

d.    The top three schools with the highest points after the final counting will win 3rd, 2nd and 1st showcase prizes.
e.    All the other schools who did not qualify for the top three but got 60,000 points and above for Category A stores or 40,000 points and above for Category B stores will get a consolation prize of ten thousand (P10,000.00) worth of gift certificates for each school. Gift certificates are valid until fully consumed.
f.     In the event of a tie, an extension of four days will be given for the schools to accumulate more points. The tie breaker counting will be done on July 20, 2013, Saturday. 
g.    In the event where only one school will reach the required minimum points, the school will automatically get the 1st prize showcase. Likewise, if only two will reach and/or exceed the minimum required points, the school with the first highest points will get the first prize showcase while the school with the second highest points will get the second prize showcase, respectively.
h.    In the event, where no participating school has reached the required minimum points,  the top three schools with the highest points will get ten thousand (P10,000.00) worth of Metro gift certificates for each school.
i.      A school representative should be present to witness the counting, where a special stage activity will be held per store. A redemption form will be filled up by the school representative for Metro to process the claiming of the prizes.

9.    Prizes for Redemption:  SHOWCASES

Stores and Category
Grand Prizes At Stake

Category A Stores
Colon and Wholesale Mart, Mandaue, Ayala Cebu, Legazpi, Lucena, Market!Market!, Pampanga and Alabang
(8 stores)
1st prize-  Devant Audio, Video Educational Showcase inclusive of: One unit Devant 50” Smart 3D TV, One unit Blu-ray Disc Player, One set Multimedia Speaker            

2nd prize- Computer Showcase
inclusive of: One unit HP Laptop, One unit HP Printer  and One unit HP Scanner

3rd prize- Electrolux Livelihood Education Showcase
Inclusive of: One unit Microwave, One unit Induction Cooker, One unit Mixer, One unit Water Dispenser, One unit Oven Toaster,  One unit Vacuum Cleaner

Category B Stores
Toledo, Maasin, Naga Cebu, Binondo and Plaza 66
(5 stores)
1st prize- Devant Audio, Video Educational Showcase inclusive of: One unit Devant 29” LED LCD TV, One unit HDMI Player, One unit Multimedia Speaker  

2nd prize- Computer Showcase
inclusive of: One unit HP Notebook  and  One unit HP Printer

3rd prize- Electrolux Livelihood Education Showcase inclusive of:  One unit Blender, One unit Pop-up Toaster and One unit Coffee Maker

10.  During each count date, winners of prizes for Metro shoppers  will also be drawn as follows:

Prizes for Metro shoppers in all store categories:

   Draw Dates                            Prizes At Stake                                       Venue
1st  Draw (Jun. 15) - 5 winners of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 per Store   Activity Center/Designated Area
Final Draw (Jul. 15)- 5 winners of Samsung Tab 2 + Five Thousand  Activity Center/Designated Area
                              Gift Certificate each winner per Store

a.    The names of the participating schools will be put in a bowl.  Five schools will be drawn first. 
b.    Winners of the Metro shoppers prizes will each be drawn in the entries of the five schools.
c.    After the first draw on June 15, 2013, non-winning entries will be kept and will be included in the second and final draw on July 15, 2013.
d.    A winner can only win once.  If a person’s name is drawn twice as a winner, the prize with   the greater value shall be awarded and another winner will be drawn for the lower valued prize.

11.  All counting and draws will be done in the presence of a DTI representative.

12. All prizes cannot be converted to cash.  If the redeemed Individual prizes are out of stock, Metro reserves the right to substitute such items with equal or higher value.

13.  The twenty percent (20%) withholding tax on the prizes will be shouldered by Metro Store.

14.  All expenses to be incurred in claiming the prize will be shouldered by the winners.

15.  Winners will be notified by the Metro offices concerned via telephone call and registered mail for all necessary information as to the arrangement for the claiming of prizes.
a.    In claiming the prize, winners should submit photocopies of two (2) valid IDs (e.g. SSS, passport, driver’s license) preferably with photo and signature, together with the winning coupon and the notice sent via registered mail at the Customer Service Counter of the Metro stores. For the winning Schools, an authorization letter must be provided to their authorized representative to claim the prize.
b.    Winners should abide with the organizer’s promotional advertisement such as radio tours, pictorials, print advertisement and activity appearances.

16. The winners’ names shall also be posted in the Stores’ premises and will be published in a newspaper of general circulation not later than two (2) weeks after the determination of all winners.

17.  Prizes not claimed within sixty (60) days from receipt of notice will be forfeited in favor of Metro Gaisano with prior approval of the DTI.

18. All prizes for the school will be awarded and released to the principal of the school.  Should the principal be not around to receive the prize, he/she must prepare the following documents to be presented/submitted to Metro Gaisano’s representative upon claiming:
i.      Letter of Authorization in favor of the authorized representative duly signed by the Principal  authorizing the former to receive the prize won.
ii. Presentation of authorized representative’s proof of identification (should be acceptable to Metro) with photocopy thereof to be submitted to the Metro representative.

19. Processing of the prizes will take two (2) to four (4) weeks from the date of confirmation of claiming of the prize.

20. The individual prizes in the redemption catalogue are valid until June 15, 2013. All redemption requests for products and items featured in the catalogue must be received by Metro on or before June 30, 2013.

21. All employees of Metro Gaisano and their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity and affinity are disqualified to join.

22. In case of disputes, the decision of Metro Gaisano with the concurrence of the DTI is deemed final.

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